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A new poem by Hinotechihas been added to the Extras section. Check it out if you have time!

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Put new info here, it can be anything: a new affy, layout, ect. Or you can post constant things like your email so people can contact you.

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Want to see your fan art here? Just send me a link and i'll add it.

Drawings i've received from fans of the comic.Art is copyright of it's creator but characters belong to me unless otherwise stated.

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Songs that help with inspiration for the story.

Symbols Key:
(CD)-Compact disk

Maaya Sakamoto Another Grey Day in the Big Blue World Easy Listening (CD)
Izzy Cooper Wish Rygar(G)
Dennis Martin If You Still Believe Legend of Dragoon (G)
Maaya Sakamoto Vector Escaflowne the Movie(M)
Angela Aki Kiss Me Goodbye Final Fantasy XII (G)
Chris Mosdell/Maaya Sakamoto The Garden of Everything Nikopachi(CD)
Yoko Kanno Deja Blue The Vision of Escaflowne (A)
Shigeru Umebayashi Farewell The House of Flying Daggers(M)
? Rin to Sesshoumaru Inuyasha (A)
? Whispering of the Trees Legend of Dragoon (G)
Utada Hikaru Eternally Distance(CD)
Christina Aguilera Hurt  
Akino Genesis of Aquarion Sousei no Aquarion(A)
Maaya Sakamoto Yakusoku wa Iranai( I Don't Need Promises) The Vision of Escaflowne (A)
Yoko Kanno Words That We Couldn't Say Cowboy Bebop(A)
Utada Hikaru BLUE Ultra Blue(CD)