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AIDEN Age: 21 | Hair:Teal | Eyes: Lavender

Aiden is captain of the Royal Guard of Aquios. Easygoing and understanding, he gets along with and is respected by his squad. Oneday he hopes to settle down with the perfect girl and start a family of his own. But after falling in love with Kyra he willingly was transformed into a human by a sorceress so that they could be together. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned...

KYRA Age:19 | Hair:Black | Eyes:Green

Kyra once lived on the island of Fontaine but was tricked into becoming a mermaid after drinking a potion given to her by a sorceress.Now she struggles to make sense of her new life and to come to terms with her past.She can often be found gazing longingly at the island when no one else is around. Secretly Kyra would do just about anything to get her old life back.

TELOS Age:24 | Hair:Black/Brown | Eyes:Slate

When he was still young his father left Aquios and married a female from another nation. Soon after Taisho was born. Telos resents his father for leaving him and his mother and refused to speak to him. But after his fathers death he took it upon himself to be the male role model in Taishos' life. He puts family and friends above all else and will fiercely protect those closest to him.Telos also has a strong mistrust for outsiders.

TAISHO Age:12 | Hair:Dark Brown | Eyes: Grey

Taisho is Telos's younger brother and dreams of one day going on a grand adventure. In his free time he loves to go exploring the coral reefs around Aquios and hanging out with friends. In his heart he only wants the best for others and goes out of his way to see to their well being. Generally liked by everyone he meets Taisho has an easy smile and a kind nature.On his forehead is a heart shaped mark.

XENOBIA Age:? | Hair:Sandy | Eyes:Blue

An apprentice sorceress who recently moved to the area in order to complete her graduation requirements.

KEIKI Age:? | Hair:Off White | Eyes:Slate

Keiki was born and raised in the Nishikigoi Province far to the east of Aquios. Due to leading a very sheltered life he acts and thinks in ways that are odd to most merfolk.

MELANIA Age:? | Hair:Blonde | Eyes:Lt.Green

Melania once worked as a body guard for hire in the city. Tough as nails and straight forward to a fault, she is used to fighting her way out of any situation.

UKNOWN Age:? | Hair:? | Eyes:?

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