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A new poem by Hinotechihas been added to the Extras section. Check it out if you have time!

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Put new info here, it can be anything: a new affy, layout, ect. Or you can post constant things like your email so people can contact you.

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About the Comic

Tsubomi Blue Dreams is the the prequel story to my comic Moon Reflected in Water.
I came up for the idea for this story after doing a flash animation for class called The Skies Above .
The story ended in a big cliffhanger and alot of people wanted to know what happened to the main characters.
So this story takes place after that but a few years before MRiW.

Help Needed:Comic Coloring

I'm working hard to make updates more frequent than once every week.
So i'm currently looking for someone to do character flats for this comic.
Flats are basically the base colors for the comic page without any shading. An example is at the bottom of the page.
You wouldn't have to worry about doing any background coloring or anything like that.I'll do that myself.
After you do the flats you'd email the PSD file and i'll finish coloring it.
All you need is basic Photoshop knowledge as well as any version of the program.
I will send you step by step instructions on how to do the colors in case you need it.
Oh and you'd only have to do maybe flats for 2 pages a month and can stop anytime you want.
I don't have money to pay anyone to do this but would draw a picture for them as a token of my thanks.
Added bonus includes seeing the new pages before anyone else.^__^
Have any questions or want to apply? send me a PM through Smackjeeves,
a note from Deviantart or an email to AnimePrn84[at]aol.com

Thanks for reading!